Our Vision

The infoapps GmbH focuses on research and development on the field of patent information systems. We consider a comprehensive global full-text data coverage as important as the implementation and use of powerful semantic algorithms. To maximize the efficiency of our tools during their use at customer site, the solutions are generated on a highly customized basis. A thorough training of all personnel involved during customized workshops goes without saying for us.


Software solutions made in Germany

Infoapps develops it self three product lines to ensure the capabilities of IP professionals and R&D people. Our solutions help solve the specific challenges of customers in an innovative manner. 


A reliable partner

Our mission: All-around customer Satisfaction! Infoapps is developing in collaboration with our customers suitable add-ons of our products. An effective support and consulting service is include  indeed. 


Understanding your needs

Infoapps offers highest possible assurance against patent infringement cases or costly parallel developments Competitor analyses and competitor monitoring tools. A complete collection of "prior art" patents and knowledge. Greatest possible automation of essential processes around IPR management: monitoring, acqusition, relevance check, classification and derivative actions. 



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