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Looking for a professional software solution for all of your patent research – is the answer. Here you can search in a collection of over 100 million patent documents, consolidated to 50 million patent families. Quantity and quality of your hits increase, due to a combination of field-based Boolean and unique semantic searches in one of the largest patent searching databases worldwide. Take advantage of the extensive full-text coverage, family-consolidated hit-lists, comprehensive statistical analysis functionality, and many other helpful features.  

Benefit from the following key advantages:

  • Global full-text coverage 
  • Improved quality and increased number of hits 
  • Save time thanks to family-consolidated hit-lists 
  • Machine translations into English 
  • Clear intelligent presentation of the patent information 
  • Store your queries and results for re-use 
  • Evaluate and analyse your results with powerful statistical methods 
  • Export patent data and analysis results 
  • Easy and intuitive handling of the system

Data Coverage

The database comprises nearly 100 million patent documents, consolidated into 50 million patent families.

It also includes the largest possible full-text coverage (patent descriptions and claims), which is continuously being expanded.

For all full-texts machine translations into English are available. In addition users are able to request human translations for single documents directly out of the application.

The database is being updated on a weekly basis. For an up-to-date status of the data coverage please click on the button below.

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Higher Hit Quality and Quantity

In, a field-based Boolean search is combined with a semantic similarity-based search. The Boolean search mask contains full-text keyword search as well as a search for bibliographical patent data.

The semantic search is a novel approach, where patent families can be found by freely entering any descriptive text you choose, into the search mask. Advanced statistical techniques on the basis of linguistic analyses are applied to extract the key concepts of the specified text and then to search for documents with the same concepts.

By means of the semantic search, you will be able to find relevant conceptual hits, which you would have missed using just Boolean search. Thanks to the unique combination of Boolean and semantic searches, you are able to significantly increase the amount of your hits and improve their Quality.

Save time with family-consolidated hit-lists

One essential feature for saving time during your patent searches is the family consolidation (by INPADOC rules) of the resulting hits. You do not need to correlate single patents by their priorities manually; this is done automatically by the application.

The complete family is displayed in a clear and concise layout, containing all the key information elements of this patent family.

The users can individually select different viewing formats of the hit-list, showing more or less detail information of the patent family members (representative main drawing, descriptions, abstracts, citations, etc.)

As an option can be offered as an integral part of infoPatent, the in-house patent information system of infoapps.

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